The time HG wanted to be a Ghost Writer

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Thing 1,245 HG told me I am not allowed to do, but I will do anyway.

Conversation between me and HG that I refer to as “The day he tried to hijack my blog”

“I read your blog, you can’t “bundle” my awesomeness

“key words “your blog” I can do whatever I want Sir!

“Say something about what a great cook…”

“Pretty sure I can write whatever I want”

“Why are you so against me?”

” You never even used to read my blog!!!”

“Yeah, but now when you get angry with me, I can show you written proof how fantastic I really am”  “31 Days of HG is Awesome!” BAM!

Boo’s note: HG was totally trying to read this as I was typing it.




Shotgun shuts his Cakehole

If for some horrible reason you are incapacitated and someone had access to your recent music playlist, what would it say about you?  Whenever anyone sits in my passenger seat they always get the same (2) reminders:


  1. Driver picks the music
  2. Passenger shuts their cake hole

*Shout out to Sam and Dean*



The HG made mention of my “randomness” in music and then I called him out on his “Smooth Jazz” ridiculousness, which then escalated to “How do you not love Dr. Dre?” to “How do you go from Rap to Country to Alternative?” which  lead to “I AM DIVERGENT!!!!!!! ” Which was a gateway statement to “OMG do not TOUCH my radio” which then lead to HG being all up in the radio because he could…





What does your most recent say about you? Are you a Divergent? Only one genre of music?



Playlist 2






I am losing a lot of money here Don!

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Remember a few days ago and I was all “WWDJD” and my friend was all “who cares and shut your face”.  Okay, she didn’t say quite like that, but every time I mentioned him, I had to pay a dollar.   So, I made a bet that I could get “WWDJD” to trend, but of course he would respond to that on Twitter  AND I would get my money back…

She gave me that “Sure it will happen” face

WTF Don!  No trending, and now I owe even more money to the friend who shall not be named.









The Importance of HG 10, 11 & 12 The Chairman Meow Edition

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This one gets three because it’s a big one, and it deserves three.

So, here is 10, 11 & 12.

HG is not a cat person.  When we moved into together, I brought with me one of my furry kids,  a cat by the name of Salem Massachusetts.

Salem loved HG and HG eventually loved him.  HG started calling him “Chairman Meow” because apparently he was a furry dictator who MADE HG love him and pet him.

Every Halloween he would try to  coax him with catnip to lay in the front window and the “Halloween Panther”.

When, all too soon, Salem became ill HG laid with me on the bed with Salem  between us for an entire evening when we knew what the next morning was going to bring. The guy who hates cats, stayed up all night with us and not once did he say the terrible words of “we are going to have to put him down”.   When HG left for work all he said was ” I will be home tonight, and told Salem to hang in there.  The plan was to go together.

Unfortunately and horribly Salem couldn’t wait and he and I had to go to the vet alone.  When I called HG direct at work, he didn’t say anything for a few minutes.  Then eventually, “I loved that damn cat”…

HG will not be that happy with this post, but I like to think its Salem approved.  He would want the world to know he transformed the dog only guy into a feline guy, even if it was just for a few short years.




The Importance of HG 7,8 & 9

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There are absolutely at a minimum 31 awesome things about the HG, but things get busy so there may be a few “bundles”


So, 7,8, and 9:


7) We have a ridiculous amount of personal jokes.

8) He brings me Taco Bell to cheer me up

9) He wasn’t even surprised when I bailed on him during a “Zombie” drill







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Sometimes your tribe is there for you, and sometimes..they just shake their head and tell you to go lay down.

Gentle readers, who was your childhood crush? That first person you saw on TV and knew right then you were going to marry them and live happily ever after?  For me, (no judging) it was Don Johnson. *insert  young me daydreaming of living in Miami on our boat with our pet gator Elvis*

Apparently I am the only person that I currently know who still feels this way.  Now that the new show “Blood and Oil” is out, I am more excited than I was when I got my Miami Vice poster.  However, because I keep talking about it, and Don, Don Johnson, and answering every question with WWDJD, there is now a jar that I must put a dollar in every-time I mention him.   I don’t find this fair.  Its Donism!  #WWDJD people!!!!!  I cannot be the only one! The style! The grace! The ability to wear pastels and deck shoes!

I am running on 3 hours of sleep and apparently need more ones…








Thee Importance of HG 6

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31 Days of this? WTF was I thinking?


Number 6 is just self-explanatory:


Unicorn 1 Unicorn 2

Any man who will be a unicorn for you, is a keeper…on those days, when I just want to bury him under the pool, these pictures remind me he is freaking hilarious. ( A side I wish more people saw)





The Importance of HG 5

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Number Cinco


*Jurassic Spoiler Alert*


He snuggled me at the end of Jurassic World because I was just so happy for Blue the Velociraptor and wanted to know how the rest of her life turned out.  No questions asked, because he just knew…

He gets my Dino love ya’ll



The Importance of HG 4

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Thing 4


He always procures the Halloween Oreo’s the minute they come out.  Sometimes love is an Oreo with orange filling :)








The Importance of HG 10/03

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Thing (3)



When HG and I first moved in together there was quite a debate as to why or why not there should be a TV in our bedroom.




I watched “Twitches” on my I-Pad, every night, for 3 months…it took awhile, and by God my John Wayne tried to hold his ground.  But he gave in.  I like to think it was out of love.  He says its because its ridiculous that he knows that movie by heart, line for every Disney loving line.  Love comes in many forms, sometimes its a TV with a sleep timer.  Side-note: HG refuses to watch Twitches Too, which I find ridiculous because he is so invested at this point how could he NOT want to know what happens next??????????????????


Twitches 2

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