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Not your average Boo post #911 #neverforget

Posted by Becky Boo on September 11, 2015 in Thinking Thoughts, Uncategorized |

Note from Boo: I generally try to be funny, witty or just random on my blog, today is not that day.

September 11th will always be a day that is covered in a shadow.  For those of us who were lucky enough to only experience the horror from the sidelines, we too still feel a deep sadness.  It’s a day of remembrance and pause.

No one knows when your time is up and that second-hand on your life stops moving.  I don’t believe that anyone  leaves for work and doesn’t expect to come home.  I don’t believe we ever expect our loved ones to not come back to us.

Today is the anniversary when the world stopped and ended for innocents. Today is a reminder that life is precious.

Perhaps it is because we know deep down we only have so many minutes and  we refuse to  acknowledge the clock.

It’s too painful.

It’s too scary.

It’s as real as the sun rising in the east.

I left my home today fully expecting to return.  I didn’t make sure everyone I love knows exactly how I feel about them. I didn’t hug HG one long last time for the day. I take my life for granted, and that is a damn  dirty rotten shame.

Today gentle readers, enjoy the moments.  Be grateful. Say thank you. Say I love you a million times.  Snuggle.  Forgive.  Watch Pitch Perfect for the 100th time and text your friends “LOL”.  Better yet, watch it with them.  Just live.










Trippin the Boo Fantastic

Posted by Becky Boo on September 3, 2015 in Archives Of Boo, Just Because, The Importance of Being Boo, The More You Knooooooooow |

  I read thru my blog posts tonight.  It was almost like looking thru a scrapbook of funny and sad memories from a  year span of my life.  It makes me happy to see how far I have come.  (That I am still alive). It reminded me who I have lost, and looking around now, […]


Doesn’t sleep well with others…allegedly

Posted by Becky Boo on May 1, 2015 in Just Because, The Importance of Being Boo, Uncategorized |

    Conversation (allegedly) between HG and Myself while he was watching TV in bed and I was asleep.   HG: “OMG, what is wrong with your feet? why do they feel like that?, why are your talons wrapped around my ankle?” Me: (allegedly, in what was told me as a creepy witchy whisper)  “It’s […]


Clowns baking cakes…

Posted by Becky Boo on April 30, 2015 in Choose your own adventure, Really? REALLY?!?!?!?!?!, Uncategorized, Unsupervised |

You know how they say “keep a notebook with you at all times to jot down your ideas, even on your bedside table?” I am not sure who “they” are, but I have given it a rather hearty try. Do you know what things I write down at 3 AM? or while running thru my […]


FRIED CLAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not do well making personal decisions under pressure.  I am not even talking about a “red wire, green wire” situation. It could be as simple as being the last one to order when out to dinner with friends. Who wants to be the one holding up the order? My anxiety riddled self just […]


Love in the time of cold sores…

Posted by Becky Boo on January 10, 2015 in Really? REALLY?!?!?!?!?!, The More You Knooooooooow, Uncategorized |

I, sadly, have suffered my cold sores for most of my life. While in the fourth grade when we had to take Sex Ed I went home crying because I had herpes. (This was pointed out by very helpful classmates) That day has stuck with me since. When I get stressed? BAM! My lip gets a beautiful […]


That’s no Death Star, that is dinner…

I have decided that as a somewhat intelligent individual, I should be able to create at least rudimentary meals for HG. Thus far, it has been an interesting endeavor.  It started  with awesome intentions, and then ends with a lump of pea jerky.  I had carefully released the peas from the can into the pot […]


My Spirit Animal is a Sloth

Posted by Becky Boo on January 9, 2015 in The Importance of Being Boo, The More You Knooooooooow |

      Hey There! So, my idea of blogging to write again may perchance have gone by the wayside the last few months.   In My defense, I did get married a few months back and that did require a large percentage of my attention…(More on that later) I was reading an article regarding spirit […]


Boo’s definition of a Soul mate…

Posted by Becky Boo on January 8, 2015 in Uncategorized |

I have spent most of my life with an idolized version of what a soul mate is.   The perfect person who would be the Prince to my Princess.  It was a mash up of Danny and Sandy from Grease, and me and Don Johnson living in Miami. What I have learned is that I […]


Another Ship Sails-From The Archives

Posted by Becky Boo on September 12, 2014 in Archives Of Boo |

The closer my wedding date gets, the more I think about my family that have passed on.  I know in my heart they will be there in spirit, and I hope they enjoy the party too. Perhaps the spot that is left empty in the quilt that is your family never fills, and is never replaced.  Maybe we […]

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