“Dude where’s my Jeep” aka “I was unsupervised again”

Posted by Becky Boo on February 15, 2017 in The Importance of Being Boo, The More You Knooooooooow, Unsupervised |

Me to HG ” People really need to lock their vehicles!” HG “what? was there a break in?” Me “yeah, by me…” Having decided to just walk away out of fear for the remainder of the story, he finally returned to the kitchen   HG “um, okay, I give, what happened?” Me “honestly, it isn’t […]


Viva la Arizona! or Boo out of water…

Posted by Becky Boo on June 10, 2016 in The Importance of Being Boo |

So, this girl who HATES change, decided to move across the entire country…to a state, though very beautiful and awesome, mine as well be Mars for this Midwest girl. It happened basically like this: HG: I love Arizona, do you love Arizona? Boo:Yes HG:If I got a job there would you move? Boo:Yeah, that could […]

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Shotgun shuts his Cakehole

If for some horrible reason you are incapacitated and someone had access to your recent music playlist, what would it say about you?  Whenever anyone sits in my passenger seat they always get the same (2) reminders:   Driver picks the music Passenger shuts their cake hole *Shout out to Sam and Dean*   The […]



Posted by Becky Boo on October 6, 2015 in Just Because, The Importance of Being Boo |

Sometimes your tribe is there for you, and sometimes..they just shake their head and tell you to go lay down. Gentle readers, who was your childhood crush? That first person you saw on TV and knew right then you were going to marry them and live happily ever after?  For me, (no judging) it was […]


The Importance of HG 10/02

Posted by Becky Boo on October 2, 2015 in The Importance of Being Boo, Thee HG |

Thing 2- Because I heard the fire detector beeping in my apartment and it was driving me crazy and I made him search and search… Than I realized Season 1 of Modern Family was playing on my Laptop and it was an episode where Phil cannot find where the smoke detector sound was coming from… […]


Trippin the Boo Fantastic

Posted by Becky Boo on September 3, 2015 in Archives Of Boo, Just Because, The Importance of Being Boo, The More You Knooooooooow |

  I read thru my blog posts tonight.  It was almost like looking thru a scrapbook of funny and sad memories from a  year span of my life.  It makes me happy to see how far I have come.  (That I am still alive). It reminded me who I have lost, and looking around now, […]


Doesn’t sleep well with others…allegedly

Posted by Becky Boo on May 1, 2015 in Just Because, The Importance of Being Boo, Uncategorized |

    Conversation (allegedly) between HG and Myself while he was watching TV in bed and I was asleep.   HG: “OMG, what is wrong with your feet? why do they feel like that?, why are your talons wrapped around my ankle?” Me: (allegedly, in what was told me as a creepy witchy whisper)  “It’s […]


FRIED CLAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not do well making personal decisions under pressure.  I am not even talking about a “red wire, green wire” situation. It could be as simple as being the last one to order when out to dinner with friends. Who wants to be the one holding up the order? My anxiety riddled self just […]


That’s no Death Star, that is dinner…

I have decided that as a somewhat intelligent individual, I should be able to create at least rudimentary meals for HG. Thus far, it has been an interesting endeavor.  It started  with awesome intentions, and then ends with a lump of pea jerky.  I had carefully released the peas from the can into the pot […]


My Spirit Animal is a Sloth

Posted by Becky Boo on January 9, 2015 in The Importance of Being Boo, The More You Knooooooooow |

      Hey There! So, my idea of blogging to write again may perchance have gone by the wayside the last few months.   In My defense, I did get married a few months back and that did require a large percentage of my attention…(More on that later) I was reading an article regarding spirit […]

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